Success story: A successful model managed with third parties


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The company

Large company for the production, distribution and marketing of energy. Operates in 40 countries and has 33,000 employees providing service to over 30 million customers worldwide.

The challenge

  • Faced by serious problems in executing work on time and with the desired quality and cost, the Company decided to define a new procurement model for both the extension and maintenance of the network.
  • It was necessary to consider revising the limit and duration of contracts and the valuation of the exclusivity of contractors by area. Also the model of pay and incentives to contractors and the management operating system and the strategy for the provision of materials.

The solution

  • We developed an exclusivity implementation plan, assessing contractors by specialization and determining the optimal size of the areas.
  • We standardized a contractor management process including planning of the activity, programming and monitoring, and periodic assessment of results and review of contractual terms according to the results.
  • We designed a system of incentives (fixed + variable remuneration) based on the indicators established.
  • Our collaboration with the company resulted in a very significant improvement in the meeting of deadlines, cost control and troubleshooting.
  • We developed and implemented a new materials management model which increased service levels with inventory levels of around 50% lower.