Success story: Assistance between people from the Call Centre


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The company

Major insurance company. It has over 8 million policyholders in different areas: cars, motorcycles, life, health, legal defence, home, death, illness, assistance, subsidy and accidents.

The challenge

  • In order to achieve a better quality of assistance and consistency between channels, the challenge was to transfer most of the policyholder contacts from personal channels to the Contact Centre.
  • In order to do this it was necessary to define the basis for a new model of service to the customers of the company.
  • At the same time it was necessary to improve Contact Centre operations, where we identified several opportunities for improvement, such as coordinator roles and responsibilities not aimed at sales, repeated peaks of abandoned calls in the same time slots, lack of homogeneity and cost optimization in the processing of authorizations.

The solution

  • We defined a more detailed assistance model, agreed upon new sizing and defined the basis of the future organization. With a significant reduction of the resources required we managed to considerably reduce abandoned calls and increase production.
  • We implemented a scorecard to give daily visibility of the activity and defined operational meetings between coordinators and agents and between supervisors and coordinators.
  • The results were significant with a 50% reduction in abandoned calls, a 25% increase in the ratio of policy conversion/calls taken, and a 30% improvement in the policy/offer transformation rate.