Success story: At the heart of the process: a new Operational Unit for Administration and Management


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The company

  • Public enterprise with 640 employees attached to the Department of Environment and Housing. Administrates public housing and aid for access to housing and is responsible for carrying out the public housing award processes.

The challenge

  • The challenge was to design and implement a new Operational Unit for Administration and Management, with the ultimate goal of integrating it in the future “Housing Agency of Catalonia”.
  • Therefore, it was necessary to define the key areas of the unit and their functions, with particular emphasis on default management. It was also necessary to improve the areas for procurement, management of collections and payments, and the proximity area for the management of housing in the field.

The solution

  • We assessed, defined and implemented the outsourcing of part of the default management to two debt collection companies in order to provide specialized resources to improve management.
  • We incorporated activity managers in face-to-face default management, making an action-oriented classification of defaulters and defining and implemented new processes for their management.
  • In this we achieved very significant improvement in default management. In addition, we reduced the amount of outstanding work and implemented a management system for the areas of procurement, management of collections and payments.