Alfa Solidaria

Alfa Solidaria is a programme that was created to develop our corporate value of involvement—also with society—more strongly. At Alfa Consulting we allocate approximately 2% of our income to this programme.

Some collaborations underway include:

  • We work with Cáritas Barcelona in a labour counselling and job placement project. The aim of this project is to provide people at risk of exclusion the information necessary to integrate in society, accompanying them in a first job search process, job training and offering a forum for legal advice.
  • We collaborate economically with the Financial Aid Service of Cáritas Barcelona. This is one of the services of the Welcome and Support programme, whose aim is to meet the basic and/or urgent needs that are critical in improving the living conditions of people or families without resources whose basic needs are not met.
  • We work with Cáritas Barcelona and Madrid with our consulting services, as corporate volunteers, to improve the implementation of the processes and procedures of these institutions.
  • We work with Aldeas Infantiles SOS, financially supporting one of their villages.
  • We work with Casa de la Misericordia in Bilbao with our consulting services, as corporate volunteers, to reduce the economic deficit arising from their residential home for the elderly.
  • We collaborate economically with Abrigo Reviver in São Paulo, supporting the foster care and support service for children and teenagers with no family structure, where their most immediate and basic needs are met.