Cordence Worldwide

Alfa Consulting is member of the Cordence Worldwide alliance. Membership of the Cordence Worldwide group allows us to operate in more tan 20 countries and spread the work of Alfa Consulting worldwide.

Cordence Worldwide is a unique and streamlined management consulting alliance whose members help companies and governments around the world achieve outstanding and sustainable results.


Our values

Working with members of Cordence Worldwide is different from working with any other company. From everyday interactions to global change management, all our work with our customers involves a deep commitment to our shared values.

• Total focus on the customer – we provide services that are not only focused on the customer, but specific to each customer.

• Honesty and Integrity – we do what is right for our customers, always and without exception

• We deliver tangible value – we create ready-to-implement solutions that lead to measurable results

At a glance

• +2.500 consultants

• 61 offices all over the world

• Arab Emirates, Spain, USA France, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Singapore and Switzerland

• Total combined 2014 revenues of $670M