Success story: Coping with the cold: market and seasonal distribution


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The company

One of the world’s leading companies in the food sector. It has over 330,000 workers.

The challenge

  • In one of its core businesses, the company was facing a difficult market situation with declining sales and margins and high seasonality, very high customer capillarity and the need to distribute its products at very low temperatures.
  • The main objective of the project was to design a new solution for the distribution of its products to allow a significant reduction of costs for all Out of the Home channels.

The solution

  • We identified and quantified possible future alternatives for carrying out capillary distribution of products, including the grouping of different categories to build a more streamlined operation.
  • We configured the new capillary distribution model with distribution centres and cross docks, order processing and picking, load optimization, the required number of routes and the most suitable media.
  • We then broke down all the new operating process, including the O2C, and assessed the different software solutions and resource needs at all levels of the new organization and provided support in the preparation of tenders for the various operators.
  • The new model allows cost savings of over 30%, ensuring service quality and greater market coverage.