Success story: Design of a new maintenance model



The company

Spanish international company, leader in the design, manufacture, maintenance and supply of equipment and components for railway systems. World’s fifth largest manufacturer of railway equipment.

The challenge

  • The company did not have a homogeneous model for over 50 maintenance workshops operating in many different countries.
  • This situation resulted in significant opportunity costs to the company due to non-use of best practices and the lack of standardized management process and systems.
  • It was essential to improve the active supervision of the work, implement new roles and responsibilities and give greater focus on the achievement of objectives.
  • It was also necessary to improve the management of the logistics and supply of spare parts for maintenance implement a dynamics of continuous improvement.

The solution

  • We defined the single maintenance model and at the same time implemented the new solutions in pilot workshops. We achieved a positive trend in productivity, which increased by over 40%.
  • We defined the multiplier model, which consisted of planning and preparing the extension of the maintenance model to all workshops, and adapted spare parts stock levels to improve their availability.
  • We trained a team of internal implementers and provided support in the implementation of the new model in the main workshops of the company.