Success story: Improving margins


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The company

  • Spanish company for the design and manufacture of electronic equipment and software for space applications: satellites, launchers, orbital infrastructure and space transport vehicles.

The challenge

  • To achieve improved operational activity in the Project Management and Design Engineering areas, it was necessary to increase the monitoring of projects in terms of cost and compliance with planning.
  • It was also necessary to increase adherence to the programme of activities in the Design area.

The solution

  • Through working groups in the Management area, we established the EBITDA and the management system, systematizing the monitoring of indicators and costs. In the Design area, we established the EBITDA and defined the design Master Plans.
  • We implemented Core Team meetings, programmed the workload of design staff and established the figure of operating controller.
  • We increased compliance with scheduling by 6% and the degree of suitability of Core meetings by about 65%; we improved the monitoring of deviations in cost and time and increased the margin by 30%.