Success story: Improving service and operations without increasing the stock



The company

Business group from the petrochemical and energy sector. Its business branches cover the whole chain of the oil industry and it is also one of the world’s largest gas distributors.

The challenge

  • To improve operations it was essential to increase the productivity and service level of the production lines without new investment.
  • It was also necessary to improve customer service without increasing the existing starting level of stocks, with a management system focused more on the overall service level.
  • There was also a need to optimize and redistribute the functions and responsibilities of workers and middle managers and improve coordination between the Blending and Packaging areas.

The solution

  • We changed the inventory management model, increasing customer service levels by over 95% in all plant products, while maintaining the same level of stocks as before.
  • We implemented the OEE indicator, improving the production level and increasing the yield of the lines by up to 30%, and we optimized the packaging and reformatting operations, reducing product wastage.