Success story: Improving the efficiency of the facility with a new sanitation model


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The company

  • Public enterprise attached to the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia responsible for implementing the Catalan government’s water policy.
  • The current network is capable of treating the wastewater flows of 90% of the population of Catalonia.

The challenge

  • The challenge was to propose a new sanitation model to improve efficiency in the operation of facilities and release resources for investment in supply.

The solution

  • To implement the new sanitation model we analysed the scope of the concession, the operating costs and the value of assets and identified potential operational savings in indirect costs, operating costs and costs due to scale economies.
  • We conducted an assessment of the various scenarios depending on concession periods and the implementation of priority and non-priority investments, assuming a positive Internal Rate of Return (IRR).