Success story: Innovation in patient care: oxygen a la carte


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The company

International pharmaceutical chemical group that focuses its efforts on innovation and excellence in the field of health. It has a team of about 2,900 professionals, of which 12% works in research activities. It has a turnover of approximately €1,200 M worldwide.

The challenge

  • The company aimed to enter the market of home respiratory therapies with an innovative concept of patient care.
  • The challenge was to design a new business model based on this new approach, implement the operations in a large geographical area and then start expanding into the rest of Spain.
  • Operations included the delivery of the new care model, call centres, care centres, devices and management of consumables, and the management of all communications with the patient, the pulmonologist and health institutions.

The solution

  • To design the new business model, we analysed the needs of patients, pulmonologists and health institutions, benchmarked competitors, and then defined the differential aspects of the model and the levels of care and service, as well as the business plans for the first five years and detailed budgets for the first year of operation.
  • We carried out its implementation, launching the new organization in all operational aspects.
  • For half a year, we were responsible for the management of the company’s operations, later providing support in the preparation of tenders for the provision of the services in different regions of the country, and preparing the business plan to develop the company’s presence in private institutions.
  • As a result of our collaboration, the company is now leader in home respiratory therapy in Spain.