Success story: Optimizing procurement is essential


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The company

  • German company considered one of the largest private equity energy companies in the world. With a team of 1,300 professionals in Spain, it operates in the liberalized generation and supply markets and in the regulated electricity distribution market.

The challenge

  • The company faced a situation of rising costs for the construction and maintenance of its distribution facilities, not having the necessary management systems to ensure proper control of costs, deadlines and quality.
  • The Company also lacked a single operating model for different areas and the activities to be performed internally were not clearly defined.
  • The system for the payment of contractors was also very complex, outdated and caused stress and inefficiency in the Operator’s relationship with its contractors.

The solution

  • The solution involved defining a new operating model for the company, developing new operating and economic control management systems, configuring new payment systems for each type of speciality and contract and defining the outsourcing model for the necessary activities.
  • We improved the planning and scheduling of work and the fault filtering processes by defining the model for the allocation and resolution of faults, and we implemented all the improvements designed through 3-month pilot trials, subsequently extending the new model to other areas.
  • As a result of the collaboration the company has achieved a 15% reduction in the cost of construction and maintenance of its facilities.