Success story: Produce more, stop better



The company

World leader in the polyurethane industry, manufacturer of high-performance materials and innovative systems for the automotive, construction and electrical industries.

The challenge

  • To meet the increased demand, it was necessary to optimize the activities of the packaging area.
  • They needed to improve production planning (reducing downtime due to lack of materials), increase the reliability of the packaging facilities and improve coordination between the Supply-Chain, Maintenance and Production areas.

The solution

  • We increased packaging capacity by 12% and reduced downtime due to lack of materials by 50%.
  • We established a production planning system to minimize reference changes and determined the resources required to avoid stoppages. How? By programming shifts detailing uptime, time spent on maintenance and expected downtime.
  • We reduced downtime in reference changes, establishing a protocol to follow.
  • We also managed to improve the reliability of packaging, establishing the O.E.E. indicator and analysing its progress in order to implement specific plans.