Success story: Productivity is everyone’s responsibility


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The company

  • The company is an international business conglomerate operating in several areas, mainly in the transport and energy sectors. It is famous for its business through maritime transport, operating in over 135 countries and with approximately 117,000 employees.

The challenge

  • To improve maintenance productivity it required greater responsiveness and greater efficiency in the planning, development and implementation of all maintenance activities.
  • The company decided to focus efforts in the optimization of maintenance activities (productivity and cost savings) on one of its largest and most modern terminals.

The solution

  • We established a fault analysis methodology and optimized the preventive maintenance plan. We redefined requirements for the optimal use of the maintenance management system by defining machinery trees, homogenizing coding criteria and reviewing the information required in work orders.
  • We obtained a 17% increase in overall productivity, a 70% decrease in emergencies and reduced faults.