Do you want to work here?

Ten reasons for joining Alfa Consulting

1. Develop a career that goes beyond consulting. The training, experience in implementing changes and project leadership will always be useful to you.

2. Think of solutions, implement them and measure their impact. Get the satisfaction of seeing the result of the actions you promote and their impact on the profits of our customers.

3. Work with the most qualified colleagues. Alfa Consulting goes to the best business schools to recruit the best professionals: Work with a young, dynamic team that shares your interests and concerns.

4. Work in consulting with enthusiasm, seeking a balance between your personal and professional life. We offer a friendly working environment compatible with high performance. We encourage initiatives that ensure personal and professional balance.

5. Work with leading companies. Our customers are major national and international companies, leaders in their sector.

6. Boost your career. You can work with companies from different sectors and carry out different types of projects. Furthermore, as the consultant, you have a direct line with the customer at all levels.

7. Share our corporate values based on respect, proximity, personal development and creating value for our customers.

8. Obtain international experience. Work with leading companies in different booming markets. Integrate in different cultures and teams.

9. Aspire to a career as consultant. At Alfa Consulting we help you develop a solid career in the field of consulting. The tutor you are appointed will guide you and help you grow.

10. Feel your work is appreciated with a competitive salary. At Alfa Consulting we reward the hard work and dedication of our employees with an attractive financial offer.