Joining Alfa consulting means enrolling at the Alfa consulting School, with programmes for:

  • Learning the own methodology of Alfa consulting, general and specific to each area of specialization.

  • Developing management skills, in order to provide the necessary training activities at each stage of your career. We work on the development of personal, management and business development skills.

Our training programme includes:

  • Immersion programme for new members.
  • Summer Training Week.
  • Personalized annual programme, according to the level of experience. We conduct 10 to 20 training sessions a year.

In addition, we share knowledge in order to achieve a high-performance team, with initiatives such as:

  • “Friday coffee time”: Once a month we have the opportunity to share our project experiences in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.
  • A direct line to the managers specialized in different fields.
  • Experience accumulated in over 800 projects at your disposal for reference purposes.

MBA Summer Internship

We offer various positions to MBA students from top business schools. During the summer months, MBA candidates participate in projects to develop expertise in the field of operations consultancy.