Success story: Promoting synergy


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The company

  • Autonomous administrative body of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia attached to the Department of Labour. It offers vocational and ongoing training to job seekers through various training programmes and centres. It has 70 Employment Offices in Catalonia with 1550 employees.

The challenge

  • To improve operations at Employment Offices it was necessary to standardize the office models because they worked autonomously without taking advantage of the synergies between them.
  • To improve the management and speed of services to users, it was necessary to increase the versatility of the staff of the Employment Offices.

The solution

  • We analysed and designed a new office model as the basis to develop the standard for the other Employment Offices.
  • Having conducted a pilot test in 3 different offices, we extended the standard model to all 70 offices.
  • We reduced internal movements within the Employment Offices by improved queue management, obtaining a 28% reduction in overall waiting time.
  • We increased the time of attention to the applicant in the interview process by 32%, improving intermediation between applicant and company.