Success story: Reorganize when the market changes


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The company

Multinational producer of new technologies applied to emerging activities such as robotics, microelectronics, environment and composites. It focuses on sustainable energy technologies, mainly wind power.

The challenge

  • The company, after of a period of strong growth, faced a drastic change in market conditions, a significant drop in sales and margins, the emergence of new low-cost competitors and the collapse of the domestic market.
  • The challenge consisted of a comprehensive change programme to enable the company to improve its cost position, adapt its industrial structure and supply chain and optimize its investments and new product innovation processes, in order to ensure its sustainability in the coming years.

The solution

  • We reviewed the entire supply chain and industry footprint on four continents and recommended new solutions for better adaptation to the markets, with estimated savings of 30 M Euro.
  • We analysed all the central services of the company, as well as the organizations for each region of the world, finding new opportunities for efficiency and managing to adapt the volume of the necessary resources by 30% in comparison with the plans.
  • We proposed new organizational solutions and new processes, segmenting the various developments of services and products, enabling greater responsiveness to the needs of each business, with faster times and lower development costs.
  • The overall change programme resulted in total savings of over €120 M, ensuring the viability of the company in the medium to long term.