Success story: Responding to the complaint: the problem is never on the surface



The company

  • Fourth largest airline in Europe and leader in passenger traffic between Europe and Latin America. Flies to approximately 108 destinations in 42 countries.

The challenge

  • To deal with the improvement of the company’s complaints management system it was desirable to find out people’s opinion of the service through a customer satisfaction survey. The results obtained were poorer than those of the competition so the Customer Relations and Quality Department and the Customer Service Centre Unit set the target of improving significantly.

The solution

  • We defined and implemented guidelines to facilitate compliance with roles and responsibilities, identification of operational improvements, implementation of new tools and assessment of agent performance.
  • We designed a new processing strategy based on the definition of new input channels for complaints, the division of agents into 2 specialized groups (allocation and processing) and improvements in the overall work process, which were contained in 44 revised processes.
  • We developed tools to facilitate the handling of complaints (master plan, assignment, standardization of VIP customers, management of paragraphs, types of activity, operational meetings and report), which resulted in the reduction of the period of resolution of complaints and improved quality, adjusting the sizing of the platform for increased productivity.