Throughout our nearly 20 years of existence, at Alfa consulting we have worked with leading companies in the industrial sector, both in basic industry and manufacturing.

During this time, we have adapted our services to the changing needs of our customers, depending on their strategy and the changes in the economic cycle. However, our approach has always been guided by two factors: helping our customers to be more effective and more efficient in all aspects of their business.

Therefore, we have worked with them throughout the value chain, from the search for and successful entry into new markets and products to the support of more productive operations, in vertical projects by area and transverse projects throughout their organization, both in Spain and in their international expansion.

The results achieved in our projects have proven to be consistent and long-lasting and have served as a platform to deal with new growth and business challenges.

For all these reasons, our customers continue to trust us over time, seeking our collaboration when designing and implementing changes internally proves complicated.

Our Customers:

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