Business transactions

Since our inception, at Alfa Consulting we have implemented many projects to improve business transactions.

Given today’s enormous challenges, our approach is based on five key areas:

  • Creating a good sales network design, defining the potential market, the sales staff profiles and the size of the network.
  • Planning sales actions to meet the needs of different types of customers, based on specific sales agendas for each salesperson.
  • Defining the sales process in detail, ensuring that it is known and applied uniformly by the sales team and that commercial success does not depend entirely on personal skills.
  • Preparing visits properly, collecting all the necessary information and making a clear definition of the objectives of each contact.
  • Carrying out coaching on the sales network, by providing support in the daily work of each salesperson.

The results that can be obtained after a project to transform sales networks are significant:

  • Managing promotional activities through the global marketing and sales plan, reinforcing the positioning of the brand in the market
  • Optimizing sales processes, improving the active sales of the sales team and, therefore, the business results
  • Improving communication and coordination between the sales department and other departments of the organization
  • Increasing the sales activity of sales staff up to 100% above previous levels
  • Substantially improving the quality of sales staff visits, up to an average of 85%

In our projects, ROI periods of 3 to 6 months are typical.