Contact Centers

Improving the management of Contact Centres is one of the areas in which we have had most experience since our inception.

The opportunities in the management of Contact Centres are to be found in the wide variety of services, the complexity of the services, the features of each channel and the volume of activity for each service and channel.

At Alfa Consulting we have developed a comprehensive approach to improve the structure of Contact Centres, ranging from the more strategic vision of the service to the operating model and the definition of the operating base of any Contact Centre.

Some of the key aspects on which Alfa Consulting bases its methodology to substantially improve the quality and productivity results of a Contact Centre include:

  • Defining the model of customer relationship and assistance and the role of the Contact Centre
  • Designing the structure of the Contact Centre
  • Choosing the most suitable organizational model
  • Defining the number of agents per channel, service and area
  • Establishing the main processes, work procedures and management systems
  • Optimizing resources according to the estimated number of calls to be handled per time slot
  • Scheduling shifts properly
  • Monitoring activity on the basis of planning by shifts according to time zone
  • Fitting the call curve with resource planning
  • Defining incentives
  • Monitoring and analysing agent activity in terms of productivity and quality

The results obtained in our projects show figures of the following magnitude:

  • 30% increase in service quality
  • 45% increase in calls received per agent
  • 20% increase in operator saturation
  • 70% reduction in unanswered calls