Market segmentation & Value proposition

The increasing need to optimize business resources often comes up against the difficulty of bringing the business strategy to operational levels in an effective way. Sales forces require tools and clear proposals that allow them to work with efficient systems and make effective propositions to the various customer segments and channels.

To meet these demands, at Alfa Consulting we have successfully developed management methodologies and systems to effectively involve sales forces in the strategies of the company.

Our methodologies allow us to respond to the following:

  • How to attract customers from the competition.
  • How to distinguish between attractive and unattractive customers.
  • Where are these customers?
  • What competitor has to be displaced?
  • What do these customers want?
  • How to defend the most valuable customers.
  • How to adjust the pricing policy by type of area and customer.
  • How to organize the work of sales forces.
  • How to improve the efficiency of the sales action.

Our approach is based on several premises:

  • The combination of external and internal information
  • The use of different methods of obtaining external information, according to objectives to be achieved and cost
  • Grouping more or less homogeneous customers into different segments according to key variables that distinguish their value and behaviour
  • Ensuring that these segments explain the market sufficiently, allowing a business proposal to be developed for each one
  • Ensuring that potential or existing customers can be associated with this segments, so that this can become an operational tool for directing and managing the sales force

The ultimate goal is to obtain a greater market share selectively and profitably, which implies:

  • Increased knowledge of the market, the company’s own shares and those of its competitors: geographically, by value, by type of products/services, etc.
  • Greater understanding of customer needs and of the different channels
  • A proper definition of the segments that best define the market, both in value and behaviour
  • A suitable approach to respond to what the customer values, and the guidance needed to adapt the organization to these responses

Phases for the development of an operational segmentation tool