Contractor Operation and Management Model

The current situation of the contractor market implies an opportunity to find more effective solutions. In many cases we have found that the lack of an overall operator-contractor vision has a significant adverse effect on the entire operation from the point of view of efficiency and quality. The lack of appropriate management tools and the high turnover of external resources add additional complexity to this type of operation.

At Alfa Consulting we have developed a comprehensive framework to successfully improve operator-contractor effectiveness and efficiency with a transversal perspective. It involves three levels of intervention:

  • Operating strategy (what to do): At this level we address the big decisions about which activities the company should outsource which it should carry out internally. We also address the broad lines of operating policy and the main objectives to be achieved (cost, quality, deadlines, safety).
  • Operating model (how to do it): In this section these strategic lines are brought into a model where they can be taken to an operational level. We analyse key aspects such as the configuration of zones and operational bases, payment policies and systems, key activities to be undertaken by the internal organization, preparation and support in tenders to suppliers, etc.
  • Operations (doing it): Here we check the level of implementation of the operating model defined and the progress of improvement in current operations, both internally and in the contractor, in areas such as efficiency and cost, resource saturation, quality levels achieved, level of employee training and accountability for each level of the organization.



By working very closely with both our customers and the contractors, we have identified and made improvements of between 10% and 15% in overall operating costs.