Industrial strategy & Foot Print

Nowadays organizations need to identify quickly and continuously which part of their value chain is vulnerable, which is defensible, which alliances make sense from a strategic point of view and what their main threats are.

The industrial model designed is part of this value chain and must be analysed repeatedly.

The usual results of such collaborations are:

  • Having an updated map which allows decision-making.
  • Knowing the economic and strategic potential of the various assets of the company.
  • Identifying potential improvements and making medium and long-term plans for acquisition or disposal of assets.
  • Updating Make or Buy policies according to objective criteria.
  • Creating the model of the effect of changes in the market and in technology on current assets.
  • Concentrating the company’s resources in assets that maximize value.



In recent collaborations we have achieved cost reductions of about 10% throughout the supply chain.