Organizational models

There is no perfect organizational model. The key is to achieve the best possible alignment of our organization with business needs and market changes, taking into account our capabilities.

Increasingly high risks are accompanied by the need to manage scarcer resources and more global operations, with a presence in a wide range of businesses and markets.

This situation involves changes in organizations, the need to develop and expand talent, develop more homogeneous and better practices, and manage a complexity that grows at exponential rates.

All this has led to the need to continually review organizations in order to adapt the internal capabilities to the new requirements.

At Alfa Consulting we work with leading companies in their different markets to achieve and consolidate a strong competitive global position through more effective and efficient organizations. We combine extensive experience in various sectors with the highest analytical strictness.

We have developed a “Top down & Bottom up” approach to understand the major challenges to be met while analysing how to carry out operations and take advantage of opportunities to develop better practices on the basis of organizations.