Capabilities enhancement

In partnership with our clients, Alfa is committed to ensure that their teams are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to outperform within their industries. 

With the added capabilities coming from our integration into the Accenture family, joining their Strategy & Consulting team, the impact of our proposals and projects is only set to grow further as we join forces.

For this purpose, our team of experts have defined a clear methodology and roadmap that have proven successful to tackle the increased necessity from clients, set in intensive-capital industries, to transition from a country/silos-operating model to a global, interconnected, and standardized One. This approach secures those highest levels of expertise in cutting-edge technologies and benchmarked operating processes are followed throughout the company, no matter the location of the functional team. 

Alfa consulting, having a proven track record supporting clients in implementing such new façon-de-faire, is able to compromise in setting objectives and obtaining following results:

Alfa’s distinctive roadmap has been developed to identify initial quick wins, and to further achieve long-lasting results with a set of key methodological steps:

Some of the key milestones we support our clients to achieve, include: 

  1. In-scope profile selection and mapping
  2. Assessment of capabilities and digital tools required per profile 
  3. Analysis of key areas of knowledge (including organizational best practices and industry benchmarking)
  4. Training backbone structure creation, course definition, and specific content development
  5. Capabilities enhancement training path for each profile
  6. Formalized repository of all training materials prepared in a varied vehicle typology (webinars, self-learning tutorials, on-site performance videos, recorded presentations, …)
  7. PMO: including change management, governance models, implementation of monitoring processes and systems (KPIs, reports and executive dashboards)

At Alfa we make sure that this deeply-rooted expertise is passed onto our clients, in order to equip them with the best set of tools and optimized processes which can later serve as basis for future capabilities enhancement projects.

Example of training map developed for all subjects of knowledge in an O&M renewables energy company