10 key aspects for improving sales efficiency


The commercial activity of companies is, undoubtedly, one of the keys to win positions in competitive markets. It is therefore essential to ensure its efficiency.

At Alfa Consulting we have extensive experience in improving sales efficiency in many sectors. These are the 10 key aspects:

1.Segment the customer portfolio, establishing a sales strategy for each segment, according to its potential and the different business zones or areas, not just on the basis of past results.
2. Make the sales force the right size. Based on the current number of salespeople, the ideal dimensions must be established in terms of the market size and a plan of action defined to find the middle ground where profitability is attained.
3. Define the sales process in detail, ensuring familiarity and consistent application by the sales team and preventing sales success being based solely on personal skills.
4. Optimize the processes of sales action support, such as the preparation of bids and proposals, sending of samples, etc., thus reducing the time spent by the sales team on tasks with no added value.
5. Train the sales team, both in the process and in selling techniques, ensuring the practical application of the concepts in the sales activity and supporting them as and when needed.
6. Establish suitable communication channels to provide the sales team with all the necessary information, such as order status and possible complaints.
7. Plan the sales actions, depending on how much attention is needed by the different types of customers and establishing agendas to ensure optimal use of the sales team’s time.
8.  Prepare adequately for visits, making sure you have all the necessary information and clearly defining the specific goals of each customer visit or contact.
9. Don’t miss any selling opportunities for each customer, by promoting the product or service catalogue most likely to produce a sale.
10. Continuously monitor sales actions of both the individual sales agent and the whole team, using indicators of results and activity, guiding and motivating them to achieve their goals.