Alfa Consulting takes part in a global digital hackathon

On September 1-2 takes place the Cordence Worldwide Digital Summit in Amersfoort (Netherlands), with participation of the 10 consulting member firms, among them Alfa Consulting. The Summit faces the challenge of defining the landscape of digital panorama in consulting.
One component of the summit will be a digital hackathon, in which teams of experts from around the world will refine the ideas and outcomes generated on day 1 of the summit. The team in Europe will kick things off and then hand it off to the U.S. at the end of their day. The U.S. team will take over, further refining and developing the ideas generated by Europe, and will hand it off to the Asia-Pacific teams at the end of their day. The Asia-Pacific teams will do the same and hand it back to Europe, just in time for the start of day 2 of the summit. By the end of the hackathon, we’ll have a fully refined digital service offering, which will include the latest trends around the world.
This is a really innovative approach and a great opportunity to share our combined digital expertise and the hackathon itself.

#CordenceDigital Hackathon

Everything is ready for the global Digital Hackathon