Our commitment goes beyond consulting

Alfa Solidaria

Alfa Solidaria is the program through which we commit to society by getting involved in the development of different solidarity initiatives.

2% of our income is allocated to this program, through which we have collaborated in more than 100 charitable projects. These are only some of the collaborations we have carried out:


  • Financial collaboration with Cáritas Barcelona’s reception and accompaniment program.
  • Corporate volunteer work in job orientation and placement programs at Cáritas Barcelona and Madrid.
  • Pro bono consulting for the improvement of internal processes.

Aldeas Infantiles

  • Financial support for Aldeas Infantiles villages in Barcelona and Madrid.

Abrigo Reviver

  • Financial support for the reception and assistance services provided to children and teenagers lacking a stable family structure in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by means of administering basic and urgent necessities.


  • Alfa Consulting scholarships for candidates of the Full-Time MBA program. We are committed to supporting rising talents by assisting students with excellent academic results and limited resources, with the goal of providing them with a quality education that will enhance their future opportunities.


  • Collaboration in the development of Talita’s program focused on the integration of children and young adults with learning disabilities. Development of its communication plan and fundraising strategy.

Casa de la Misericordia de Bilbao

  • Consulting services to minimize the financial deficit of its residential home for the elderly.


  • Review and proposal of a new organizational management model, in accordance with the goals stated in their new Strategic Plan 2017-2020. Delineation of an immediate impact action plan in order to address their mission of socio-occupational integration of people with disabilities.

Fundació Malalts Mentals de Catalunya

  • Improvement of the Real Estate Management service provided by Fundació Malalts Mentals de Catalunya (FMMC). We supported them with our knowledge to resolve key points related to the management of apartments owned and supervised by FMMC.

Fundación Seur

  • Collaboration in the project “Tapones para una nueva vida®” (“Bottle caps for a new life”). This initiative promoted by Fundación SEUR consisted of collecting plastic bottle caps and donating them to a recycling plant, whose proceeds were destined to support children with serious health problems.