Alfa Consulting a “Company with Heart” at the Universitat de Barcelona


This week Alfa Consulting attended a roundtable on Best Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) organized by the NGO Caritas Diocesana of Barcelona.

The conference took place at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Barcelona and, as in previous events, several “Companies with Hearts” participated as well as volunteers from the NGO. On this occasion the invited companies were Clece and Alfa Consulting, the latter represented by Ignacio Guerra, its CEO.

During his presentation, he addressed and encouraged the students to lead and support solidarity initiatives once they start working at a company, since governments are not able to cover all the needs there are in the society. He insisted they should not wait for others to start these initiatives and encouraged them to be proactive and pursue the activities they are interested in.

Ignacio Guerra also affirmed that the profitability of a company should not be measured only by their monetary value, but also by the customer and employees satisfaction. He claimed that part of the employee satisfaction comes from being engaged with the company mission and that if directives support solidarity initiatives the company will have a positive return.

During the presentation, Ignacio Guerra also explained all the collaborations that Alfa Consulting has been doing since its foundation in 1996 through its “Alfa Solidaria” program.

Mesa redonda UB Cáritas

About “Entities with Hearts”

Since 2002, Caritas Diocesana of Barcelona has developed an innovative program of collaboration with companies, foundations, sports clubs, universities… that wishes to involve economic agents in the development of social wellbeing.  This initiative groups the programs of “Clubs with Hearts” Universities with Hearts” and “Companies with Hearts”.

About Alfa Solidaria

In these 21 years, Alfa has collaborated with over nine NGOs and has allocated approximately 2% of the income to this program.

Some of these collaborations include: labor counselling and job placement projects, economical collaboration with the Financial Aid Service of Cáritas Barcelona, financial support to one of the Aldeas Infantiles SOS villages, preparation of a social balance of the activity of Talita Foundation, economic support to Abrigo Reviver in Sao Paulo, and many more. You can click here to read more about Alfa Solidaria.

Photo credit: Sergi Càmara