Alfa Consulting announces the beneficiaries of its 2nd edition Pro Bono Consulting Contest

Alfa Consulting has announced the non-profit entities that will benefit from its second edition Pro Bono Consulting Contest, and therefore, granted with a consulting service free of charge.

During the first edition, four entities (Fundación Comparte, Fundació Ave Maria, Sports2live and Sant Joan de Déu – Serveis Socials) were the beneficiaries of the contest. We had a worth-while and valuable experience achieving substantial results for both, us and the beneficiaries.

After the excellent results achieved in the first edition, Alfa Solidaria launched the second edition of its Pro Bono Consulting Contest, offering a free consulting service for a project aimed to non-profit organizations in Spain. The objective of the contest is to provide our experience and professional capabilities for the benefit of social projects.

In this edition, Alfa Solidaria’s advisory board has selected the following entities as beneficiaries of the Pro Bono consulting service:

The projects will be carried out on dates to be specified with each entity. We will provide some updates on how the projects are being developed in future posts.

About Alfa Solidaria

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes back over two decades, when the program “Alfa Solidaria” was created. Each year, we have allocated approximately 2% of the income to this program, dedicated to promoting solidarity projects. The Pro Bono Consulting Contest is one of the many initiatives that Alfa Solidaria embraces.

Other collaborations include: labor counselling and job placement projects, economical collaboration with the Financial Aid Service of Cáritas Barcelona, financial support to one of the Aldeas Infantiles SOS villages, preparation of a social balance of the activity of Talita Foundation, economic support to Abrigo Reviver in Sao Paulo, and many more.

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