Alfa Consulting at the Customer experience in Utilities summit.

Last week, Alfa Consulting participated in the “Customer experience in Energy & Utilities” summit organized by the Global Consulting Alliance Cordence Worldwide, held in Portland, USA on 19, 20 and 21 October.

Key topics on the agenda included the impact on grids of the revolutions in transport, particularly electric vehicles and contractor management. A case study was also presented as an example where enhancing the customer experience for call routing and interaction was succesfully achieved.

 Customer experience panel discussion

The second day panel discussion “Powering up Customer experience”, moderated by Minsoo Pak,CCO at North Highland, shared insights with the attendees on how to design, build and implement successful customer engagement models and practices.

The panel was completed with customer experience experts such as Elisabeth Paul (General Electric), Shawn Davis (Nike) and Taryn Sims (Duke Energy), who shared their best practices on using multiple channels to reach multi-generational audiences.

Overall, a very engaging and valuable summit where it was made clear that energy and utilities firms must rethink their way of handling customer interactions to sustain customer trust and loyalty. As customers face more and more utilities choices, it has become more important than ever to provide quality customer service.

About Cordence Worldwide

Cordence Worldwide is a unique and streamlined management consulting alliance whose members help companies and governments around the world achieve outstanding and sustainable results.

Working with members of Cordence Worldwide is different from working with any other company. From everyday interactions to global change management, all our work with our customers involves a deep commitment to our shared values.

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