Alfa Consulting Corporate Presentation at ESADE

On Monday, we had the opportunity to once again present our company, Alfa Consulting, to the ESADE MBA students.

On October 14th, Alfa Consulting conducted a corporate presentation and presented a few case studies. The event was lead by Joaquim Escoda, Chairman, Carmen Pérez, HR Director and Joaquim Grau, Manager. After the presentation and the cases, doubts were resolved regarding the selection process, the company and the profiles sought both for the internships and the full time positions. ESADE MBA first year students are required to fulfill internships at the end of their first year and second-year MBA students will be entering full-time, permanent roles.

As always, a great opportunity for us to showcase what we do in Alfa and how we work, and a chance for the ESADE MBA students to explore potential opportunities in consulting. We are committed to attracting the best talent and developing our team’s professional potential.

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