Alfa Consulting & ICON Group Partnership

From Alfa beyond Consulting and ICON Group, we are pleased to share our recent partnership agreement to promote the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, which we have signed and now we are communicating to our clients and collaborators.

From one side, Alfa beyond Consulting is a consulting firm focused in improving the execution capabilities of leading companies,  from the design of pragmatic operational models to the implementation, with measurable and sustainable results.

On the other side, ICON Group is a leading company in commercial services for the health sector, specialized in helping  clients market their products through multi-channel strategies, innovative methodologies and the use of new technologies.

Together, Alfa beyond Consulting and ICON Group have more than 11,000 collaborators in 50 countries, roughly covering all Latin America countries.

This alliance allows us to deliver expert consultancy and qualified services in the health sector, from the design and conceptualization to its implementation and continuous operation, with global execution capacity and a high level of experience and qualification of our work teams.

If you want to receive information please get in touch with: Enrique Duran healthcare partner of Alfa Consulting or Enrique Remezal CEO of ICON.