Alfa Consulting participates in CSR panel discussion hosted by Cáritas

On November 22, the Abat Oliba University held  the panel discussion Good Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility, organized by Cáritas Diocesana of Barcelona. The conference helped students understand the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to identify examples of good practice through the testimonies of several collaborating companies.

Alfa Consulting, which through the solidarity program “Alfa Solidaria” has been collaborating with Cáritas over 6 years, was one of the companies invited to participate in the panel discussion, together with Laboratorios Esteve, Hotel Arts and Fernando Porta, responsible of the program ‘Universitats amb cor’ (Universities with heart) of Cáritas.

Ignacio Guerra, Partner at Alfa Consulting, explained to the students that “the first way for companies to demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is developing their businesses in a responsible and ethical manner, aiming for a fair profit”.

He also highlighted the need and importance of a clear leadership and encouraged attendees and future managers to take an active role regarding CSR, since companies need people who actively promote and drive these initiatives. “It is important that you realize in this game you can be active or passive. Be a person who within a company pushes or remain a mere spectator”.

During his presentation, Ignacio Guerra also shared all the different collaborations Alfa Consulting has done through its program “Alfa Solidaria” since its foundation in 1996 and how gratifying giving back is. He lastly stated that being a social responsible company not only serves as a marketing tool, but also impacts employee engagement as well as recruiting new talent.