Alfa Consulting participates in Corporate volunteering with Cáritas

Last week, a group of Alfa Consulting employees and family members took part in a volunteer day trip organized with the NGO Cáritas Barcelona. The group accompanied 25 seniors who currently reside in living units supervised by Cáritas. The purpose of the trip was to offer these seniors an experience outside their usual environment and  meet people other than their caregivers, educators or social workers.

The outing, on May 9th, consisted in a day trip to Montserrat Monastery (Barcelona), where the group was welcomed by a monk who explained the history of the place. They were also able to watch the famous Boys Choir performance and walk around the enclosure.

Corporate volunteering

The group had lunch together and shared some quality time together while enjoying great conversations. It was a great experience for both the volunteers and the senior citizens, who by the end of the day were very appreciative and thankful.

Cáritas’ living units for seniors

The seniors who attended the day trip are all part of Cáritas’ living units. These “units” are nine shared apartments for autonomous seniors (over 64) that consist of single rooms and common areas. In each unit there are three to five elderly people who have the support of a professional team helping them, if necessary, in personal, family, health, hygiene or food matters, with the aim of strengthening their autonomy and recovering their family network. The program provides an adequate, affordable and safe home for the elderly in vulnerable situations.

Currently, these nine living units in Barcelona have a total capacity of 34 people. Their tenants meet regularly to favor the group relationship and enhance socialization capacities. In addition, a team of volunteers organize activities – urban garden, cinema or tabletop games – to entertain their day to day. Alfa Consulting, who has been collaborating with Caritas for many years, joined this initiative by organizing a day out visiting Montserrat.

Corporate Volunteering with Alfa Solidaria

At Alfa we believe in being socially responsible. In fact, Alfa’s own commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goes back over two decades, when the program “Alfa Solidaria” was created. Each year, the company has allocated approximately 2% of the income to this program, dedicated to promoting solidarity projects. This was the first corporate volunteering day we organized with Cáritas, and it was a great a success.

Other than corporate volunteering, such as this trip, some of these other collaborations include: labor counselling and job placement projects, economical collaboration with the Financial Aid Service of Cáritas Barcelona, financial support to one of the Aldeas Infantiles SOS villages, preparation of a social balance of the activity of Talita Foundation, economic support to Abrigo Reviver in Sao Paulo, and many more. You can click here to read more about Alfa Solidaria.