Applying Management System concepts in a wide range of activities

The application of Management System concepts to the development of any activity can substantially improve its efficiency and results. To that end, these are some elements that should be considered:

Forecast. Estimate in advance, applying reasonable and practical criteria, the scale of activity and its expected evolution, understanding the factors that should drive it.
Planning. Evaluate, according to the forecast, the resources needed to carry out the activity. Set operational objectives such as timeframes and quality standards.
Scheduling. Adjust the overall planning with respect the concise time intervals, in order to optimize execution.
Track the execution. Do not assume that everything will happen as planned, rather set appropriate controls to actively monitor the evolution of ongoing actions.
Evaluate results. Measure the partial and overall results obtained and compare them with the initial planning to identify deviations and analyze their causes.
Establish action plans. Define and implement corrective actions to improve the opportunities identified.
Feedback system. Incorporate the experience gained and the improvements defined at the right time, to ensure continuous improvement in the development of the activity.

This should all be done based on the participation of all key stakeholders through effective meetings, to ensure the adequate communication of objectives and results and by encouraging individual initiatives for improvement