Beyond the Pill – Perspective

In times of technological quantum leaps and increasing patient demands, drugs alone are becoming an insufficient answer against the background of holistic and complex medical approaches. This is resulting in the appearance of services going, ‘beyond the drug’, which provide the opportunity for better health outcomes, competitive advantages and new business models.

At this intersection of technology, services, patient demand and business opportunity, pharma companies must move beyond to new services to remain competitive, and there is a lot to consider along the way:

  • the market potential and the future of digital health tools and data
  • what services are relevant and create added value for both patient groups and pharma companies
  • a broader look to patient experience

While investment in ‘beyond the pill’ services and devices are not a new concept, with the speed of technological advancement and tech start-ups entering the scene, the race is underway. Pharma companies are already embracing this shift in both their business culture and strategy by making significant investments.

Knowing about the importance of this shift, Alfa Consulting, along with other CWW members, has just published a new perspective on pharmaceutical companies going “Beyond the Pill” to provide patients with the opportunity for better health outcomes. You will be able to download our perspective “Beyond the Pill” in the link below.