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CHC omnichannel challenge

The consumer healthcare business is in challenging evolution, with an expected growth of 70% in e-commerce along the next few years. Pharmaceutical companies must react to take advantage of this opportunity and the momentum of an online business that they generally do not control and are unable to measure. To give an adequate answer to […]

Business Intelligence

Have you ever wondered where the billions of bytes of information generated daily by companies and users are stored and what are they used for? Welcome to the information age. The data handled by companies is critical and confidential. That is why we must know what possibilities we have, and which one best suit our […]

CxO Priorities 2021

In the course of the Alfa Consulting and Horváth & Partners CxO Priorities Study 2021, personal interviews were conducted with executive board members regarding their mid- to long-term strategic priorities. In addition to a quantitative assessments, open questions were asked that provide qualitative insights and opinions. Focus topics of the interviews: Expected sales development Strategic management […]

Integrated Business Planning

An important amount of the projects we work on, have their genesis in the need of reaching an operational model in which different departments or areas work in a coordinated way. The increasing specialization and centralization of functions requires a high degree of coordination among them to develop business tasks. A traditional example is the […]

Alfa Consulting & ICON Group Partnership

From Alfa beyond Consulting and ICON Group, we are pleased to share our recent partnership agreement to promote the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, which we have signed and now we are communicating to our clients and collaborators. From one side, Alfa beyond Consulting is a consulting firm focused in improving the execution capabilities of leading […]

Next Normal (II): New ways of working

As we wrote on our previous post, the priorities in the Next Normal seem to be focused on digitization, structure costs, and employee management. Depending on the sector, priorities may vary according to the importance of changes in demand and operations. All this will lead to changes in business and operational and governance models, now […]

Next Normal (I): Priorities to build competitive advantages

The pandemic we’re going through has impacted business activity in every sector with different effects and recovery expectations. For this reason, companies are managing the crisis in order to evolve towards this new situation. It now seems clear that the so-called “Next Normal” will produce significant and lasting changes, even within the least affected sectors. […]

Ayuda en Acción received pro bono counseling from Alfa Consulting

In this second edition of the Alfa Pro bono Consulting Contest, a program that supports non-profit organizations to improve their strategic practices and that is carried out through Alfa Solidaria, we have collaborated with the non-profit organization Ayuda en Acción. The aim of this collaboration was to define the appropriate Management Control model. Agreement on […]