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ReThinking the commercial operations in Pharma companies

The current situation has pushed us all, from one day to another to promote the use of technologies and adapt our way of working, which has allowed us to maintain contact with our clients and collaborators.   In this new scenario, companies will have to face the challenges that this paradigm shift implies and take […]

Digital Execution solutions by Alfa beyond Consulting

Our Digital Execution solutions offer an answer to the challenges generated by the COVID 19 Alfa Beyond Consulting supports organizations to adapt to the contingencies derived as a result of COVID-19 crisis. In that sense, and keeping up with previous posts, we make available to our clients all our capabilities in digital execution. Alfa Beyond […]

Extraordinary measures against COVID-19

Dear clients, Alumni and friends, We send you this brief note to inform you of the measures we have decided to implement at Alfa beyond Consulting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the priority objective of not putting our customers and employees at risk, and which we summarize below:   We have introduced the teleworking […]

Full time MBA Scholarship Ceremony at ESADE

Last Tuesday, Full time MBA Scholarships Ceremony took place at ESADE, where the Alfa Consulting MBA Scholarship was awarded. ESADE Business School offers and awards a considerable number of scholarships to outstanding Full-Time MBA candidates during their admissions process. The aim of this is to recognize and encourage talented candidates applying.  Among these, Alfa Consulting is one of the International Institutions that supports the […]

Masterclass at ESADE CAP Consulting day

Last Friday, Alfa Consulting participated in the CAP Consulting day at ESADE  to conduct a Design Thinking Masterclass. The purpose of this Masterclass was to enable the students to learn the fundamentals of Design Thinking to improve organizational performance and was run by Joaquim Grau, Tarek Faris and Fatoumata Baldé. The session started with a […]

The transformation of the after-sales service model

The advent of new technologies enables us to transform our value proposal, maximizing income and reducing total operational costs. After-sales is a significant sphere of activity for many companies, and one that can generate value and optimize long-term customer relationships when properly carried out. The emergence of the IoT and digital conversion have brought about […]

Alfa Consulting Corporate Presentation at ESADE

On Monday, we had the opportunity to once again present our company, Alfa Consulting, to the ESADE MBA students. On October 14th, Alfa Consulting conducted a corporate presentation and presented a few case studies. The event was lead by Joaquim Escoda, Chairman, Carmen Pérez, HR Director and Joaquim Grau, Manager. After the presentation and the […]

Optimizing patient-centricity

“Patient-Centricity” is generally defined as a goal to achieve better health outcomes and quality of life for patients. A patient-centric organization should be one in which all stakeholders are strategically aligned towards better patient care, through improved R&D and better products and solutions, thereby increasing transparency, patient trust and improved patient experience. The healthcare sector […]

Alfa agile methodology

Agile organizations have become a key success factor when facing fast moving, unstable environments. Agile helps us build teams capable of collaborating internally and with the users, reaching outstanding results with less effort. Alfa consulting has developed its own methodology applying Agile in divers situations and industries. See more on the following infographic