Drive your professional career forward with Alfa

Career Path

At Alfa Consulting, we are committed to developing our team’s professional potential.

As an Alfa Consulting team-member expands his knowledge, develops new skills, takes on more responsibilities and contributes to the success of the projects he/she works on, he/she will have the chance of being promoted to higher echelons.

Alfa Consulting makes it possible to progress and have your dedication acknowledge through semestral performance reviews that can open the doors to promotions.

Each professional level entails different responsibilities. For this reason:

  • We offer continuous professional orientation through our Professional Development System (PDS), in order to acquire and consolidate necessary skills to keep growing with us. We carry out, every six months, an evaluation program to analyze your performance.
  • We assign you a tutor who will assist and guide you throughout your professional career at Alfa Consulting. This tutor will advise you on the establishment of yearly goals, which are reviewed every six months during our performance assessments.

Consulting Roles


The analyst starts his career learning the basic skills required in the field of consulting. He/she will acquire knowledge of different industries, methodologies and tools, while we instill the value of teamwork and working directly with our clients.

The role of the analyst is to gather and analyze information, as well as formulating and testing different hypothesis. The analyst also works on the preparation of presentations and reports, and is expected to contribute with creativity, enthusiasm and energy, working under the guidance of Managers and Partners.


The consultant is the link between us and our clients. The consultant works directly with team members and is in charge of one part or a specific line of action in each project.

The consultant deals with daily tasks by drawing up on innovative and proactive ideas. The consultant must convey total control in problematic situations and be attentive to new challenges and opportunities.

Senior Consultant

The role of the senior consultant is characterized by an in-depth implication in each project as a whole, participating in all of its stages, from its design to its execution.

The senior consultant oversees Alfa Consulting’s methodology, helps clients achieve positive results and transform their procedures through sustainable solutions, with the goal of enhancing operations. The senior consultant, who is regarded by clients as a highly talented and trustworthy professional, must also ensure excellence and dedication at all levels.


A manager is in charge of supervising and managing big challenges. He/she oversees risky projects while being able to deliver great commitments and exceed client expectations in complex projects.

Through strong leadership skills, the manager monitors teams while always focusing on business development. He/she must be able to make the most of value proposals, identify business opportunities and develop strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients.


The role of the Director is of vital importance. He/she provides in-depth experience and innovative thinking. The director is also in charge of developing new service offers and advises clients in different domains.

The Director generates new business opportunities, bolsters the existing processes and builds close and long term relationships with our clients. As a leader, he/she develops  sustainability and profitability in different sectors and/or lines of business, takes on the coordination of training programs, and actively guides consultants and encourages the development of new skills.