An environment in which to boost your professional and personal development


At Alfa Consulting we are committed to creating a work environment based on respect and proximity, making it possible to progress both professionally and personally.

Although we frequently work at our clients’ offices, we try to work at our headquarters on Fridays. We take this opportunity to leave the suit at home, enjoy breakfast together and share our experiences.

Our team at Alfa Consulting is made up of avid young professionals with similar interests. On top of the projects we share, we also organize informal activities together to know each other better.

Personal Development Program

At Alfa Consulting we are committed to advancing your professional training and development. Once a new team member joins us, we initiate a Personal Development program in which we detail the necessary training activities to develop in each stage of your career with Alfa Consulting. We have created a unique methodology that ensures the training and growth of our team in all specialties.

Our training program comprises:

  • An immersion program for all new incorporations.
  • A custom-made annual program according to your degree of experience consisting of 10 to 20 sessions.
  • A Summer Training program, usually at the end of summer, in which we devote a whole week to different training sessions in all the countries we operate in.
  • Company Meeting. During a few days, the whole Alfa Consulting team meets up and enjoys professional and leisure activities together.

In addition, we promote knowledge-sharing activities by forming high-performance teams:

  • Activities with international work groups made up of other consultants from the Cordence Worldwide alliance: webinars, Summer camps…
  • Friday coffee. Once a month, we take the opportunity to share our experiences in an informal and relaxed environment.
  • Direct contact with expert managers in all specialties. We put all their accumulated experience in more than 1,000 projects at your disposal.

MBA Summer Internship

During the summer, we also offer MBA students the possibility of participating in some of our projects, in which they can have their first contact and experience with the consulting industry.