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What makes Alfa Consulting a Great Place to Work® ?

Participating in exciting projects and working side by side with world-renowned clients, teaming up with colleagues hailing from the best universities and business schools, learning about different industries and business practices. Continuously growing. Always innovating.



With an MBA

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This is your chance.

Working at Alfa Consulting is much more than simply being a consultant. It’s about getting your feet wet with each and everyone of our clients.

  • Participate in the conception of pragmatic strategies and the enhancement of executive capacities of leading companies.
  • Support our clients in strategic projects from start to finish, wherever they are.
  • Share successes and challenges with our clients and the rest of the team.
  • Develop and advance your professional career in a work environment in which the principles of respect and proximity prevail.
  • Feel backed up and guided in your professional career.

10 reasons to join Alfa

  • 1. Grow beyond consulting.
    Lead high-impact projects for international clients with multi-cultural teams in a wide array of industries and sectors.
  • 2. Measure your impact.
    Calculate the return of the actions you conceive and your impact on your clients’ results.
  • 3. Surround yourself with talent.
    Work with talented young professionals in diverse teams and share your experience.
  • 4. Find your balance.
    We create a work environment in which high professional performance is compatible with an optimal work-life balance.
  • 5. Work for the very best.
    Our clients are important industry-leading companies, both nationally and internationally.
  • 6. Boost your career.
    Work side by side with leading global companies from different sectors, and take on challenging high-impact projects.
  • 7. Work with principles.
    Work in an environment in which principles such as respect, empathy, proximity, personal development, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit are greatly appreciated.
  • 8. Obtain international experience.
    Work in multicultural teams from leading and expanding companies in different industries.
  • 9. Plan your career towards success.
    On the kick-off of your career with us, you are assigned a tutor who will help you grow and plan, step by step, your development as a consultant.
  • 10. Enjoy a competitive salary.
    At Alfa Consulting we like to reward you for your dedication through competitive compensation and a benefit plan adjusted to your personal circumstances.

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Work-life balance

Working at a consulting firm is a very rewarding challenge. It involves first-hand knowledge of different industries and sectors, the ability to switch from team to team depending on the project, working at different locations and experiencing very diverse opportunities and situations. This constant change accelerates your personal development and learning, but also requires consistent organizational skills.

In order to maintain our team’s high performance, it is necessary to invest in the improvement of our employees’ work-life balance. We firmly believe that investing in our team members is equal to investing in our company’s success.


Meet our team

Lo que más me gusta de Alfa Consulting es que te encuentras constantemente en la zona de aprendizaje. Puedes trabajar en proyectos de diferentes sectores y para grandes clientes internacionales, lo que te permite obtener una exposición internacional.

Tarek Faris

Consultor, oficina de Barcelona