Case Competition for ESADE MBA students

At Alfa we believe case competitions give a unique opportunity to work towards a business solution on a relevant case, an exercise which simulates the reality of a career in Consulting. For these reason, yesterday April 29th, our Barcelona offices held another Case Competition, this time for the students enrolled in the ESADE MBA.

Case Competition 2019 edition – ESADE

Over 30 student took part grouped into 8 teams. The groups, formed by 4 people, were given the case a few weeks before so they could prepare their presentation.

The teams delivered their presentations to a panel of judges, formed by our CEO Ignacio Guerra, Anna Vilatarsana (Manager), Caue Cohelo (Manager) and Anxiang Yin (Consultant). In order to crack the case, participants had to apply the knowledge and skills they have been acquiring in the classroom. It was clear that all teams had worked really hard to develop the best solution to the business case they were given.

Each team had 15 minutes to present the solution they’ve been working on to the panel. When all the teams had finished their presentation, the panel took a few minutes to deliberate and was able to determine the winning team (Omega), which was awarded by going to the final round in the selection process at Alfa Consulting. Congratulations!

We look forward to hosting it again next year.

Winning team: Omega