The transformation of the after-sales service model

The advent of new technologies enables us to transform our value proposal, maximizing income and reducing total operational costs. After-sales is a significant sphere of activity for many companies, and one that can generate value and optimize long-term customer relationships when properly carried out. The emergence of the IoT and digital conversion have brought about […]

Making the most of After-Sales services in the digital age

Written by: Jordi Zaragoza, Partner Luis Montalban, Consultant For decades, organizations have thought of after-sales as one opportunity to gather additional revenues after the sale of a product. This opportunity however, relies heavily on the satisfaction of the customers. But what can organizations do now that customers have evolved and are more empowered, wanting faster […]

How to prepare yourself for Digitization in After-Sales

Written by: Jordi Zaragoza, Partner Luis Montalban, Consultant The digital revolution is impacting the after-sales market, bringing both challenges and opportunities. Organizations realize that digitization is the way forward to deal with all the changes occurring within the after-sales market. But, what do you need to know to be prepared for these changes? We’ve gathered five important […]

After Sales: A comprehensive approach to customer retention

Written by Jordi Zaragoza After sales programs aim to perpetuate the life cycle of a customer since retaining customers offer much more benefit than trying to attract new ones. Not only is it cheaper to retain customers but also, offers an opportunity for customers to spend more for products or services they are satisfied in, […]

Increasing your sales with after-sales services

From a purely sales point of view, after-sales service has its own characteristics, which, developed in the correct way, allow us to distinguish very clearly between companies that are excellent at it and those that are not. To start off, we need to know the market and our own portfolio. This shows us how we […]

Improving After Sales efficiency

Technical services are normally labor-intensive. The key to increasing efficiency is to optimize the quality of the service and the cost structure. It is therefore essential to achieve an optimum orientation of middle management in how they supervise these teams, which are usually off-site. There is often a great deal of improvement to be made […]

Identify opportunities after-sales services

How to identify opportunities on after-sales services

After–sales service is a key element for many companies. Every time a sale takes place, we have the opportunity –or the obligation, depending on how you look at it – to offer customers a service. By taking advantage of this opportunity we gain a better understanding of our customers’ needs and motivations. The objective of […]

After-sales relationships as a competitive advantage

We are in living in the golden years of service; every organization needs to transform itself to provide unique and competitive services in order to survive. Historically, the relationship between a company and its clients pivot around the company’s core product(s); however, the global business climate demands a more customer-centric view. Therefore, more emphasis is […]