CHC omnichannel challenge

The consumer healthcare business is in challenging evolution, with an expected growth of 70% in e-commerce along the next few years. Pharmaceutical companies must react to take advantage of this opportunity and the momentum of an online business that they generally do not control and are unable to measure. To give an adequate answer to […]

Integrated Business Planning

An important amount of the projects we work on, have their genesis in the need of reaching an operational model in which different departments or areas work in a coordinated way. The increasing specialization and centralization of functions requires a high degree of coordination among them to develop business tasks. A traditional example is the […]

Alfa Consulting & ICON Group Partnership

From Alfa beyond Consulting and ICON Group, we are pleased to share our recent partnership agreement to promote the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, which we have signed and now we are communicating to our clients and collaborators. From one side, Alfa beyond Consulting is a consulting firm focused in improving the execution capabilities of leading […]

ReThinking the commercial operations in Pharma companies

The current situation has pushed us all, from one day to another to promote the use of technologies and adapt our way of working, which has allowed us to maintain contact with our clients and collaborators.   In this new scenario, companies will have to face the challenges that this paradigm shift implies and take […]

The transformation of the after-sales service model

The advent of new technologies enables us to transform our value proposal, maximizing income and reducing total operational costs. After-sales is a significant sphere of activity for many companies, and one that can generate value and optimize long-term customer relationships when properly carried out. The emergence of the IoT and digital conversion have brought about […]

Optimizing patient-centricity

“Patient-Centricity” is generally defined as a goal to achieve better health outcomes and quality of life for patients. A patient-centric organization should be one in which all stakeholders are strategically aligned towards better patient care, through improved R&D and better products and solutions, thereby increasing transparency, patient trust and improved patient experience. The healthcare sector […]

How Digital is transforming the relationship between car manufacturers, dealers and customers

Automotive Groups have recently started to engage in large digital transformation programs triggering major internal changes to fill the gap with other “customer-oriented” industries. Almost all Automotive Groups now have digital departments, with generally strong communication within the digital transformation and the customer approach. The customer approach topic is in fact a real challenge for […]

Innovation and digitization in the Healthcare industry

Written by: Joaquim Grau, Manager at Alfa Consulting The world of health is rapidly changing, adapting to the new habits and roles of patients, professionals and health services. On the one hand, a greater empowerment of patients has been developed in the decision making with regard to their treatments. On the other hand, the consolidation […]

How to prepare yourself for Digitization in After-Sales

Written by: Jordi Zaragoza, Partner Luis Montalban, Consultant The digital revolution is impacting the after-sales market, bringing both challenges and opportunities. Organizations realize that digitization is the way forward to deal with all the changes occurring within the after-sales market. But, what do you need to know to be prepared for these changes? We’ve gathered five important […]

4 Utilities Mega Trends for 2050

Our  CWW group’s Young Professional Network (YPN) gathered together and identified the potential issues utility firms will face in the future and came up with ways they can prepare for these future challenges. Such thoughts were compiled into the quick scan “Trend analysis YPN Wake-up call Cordence Utilities Summit 2018” that you can download below. […]