CHC omnichannel challenge

The consumer healthcare business is in challenging evolution, with an expected growth of 70% in e-commerce along the next few years. Pharmaceutical companies must react to take advantage of this opportunity and the momentum of an online business that they generally do not control and are unable to measure. To give an adequate answer to […]

Alfa Consulting & ICON Group Partnership

From Alfa beyond Consulting and ICON Group, we are pleased to share our recent partnership agreement to promote the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, which we have signed and now we are communicating to our clients and collaborators. From one side, Alfa beyond Consulting is a consulting firm focused in improving the execution capabilities of leading […]

ReThinking the commercial operations in Pharma companies

The current situation has pushed us all, from one day to another to promote the use of technologies and adapt our way of working, which has allowed us to maintain contact with our clients and collaborators.   In this new scenario, companies will have to face the challenges that this paradigm shift implies and take […]

Optimizing patient-centricity

“Patient-Centricity” is generally defined as a goal to achieve better health outcomes and quality of life for patients. A patient-centric organization should be one in which all stakeholders are strategically aligned towards better patient care, through improved R&D and better products and solutions, thereby increasing transparency, patient trust and improved patient experience. The healthcare sector […]

Innovation and digitization in the Healthcare industry

Written by: Joaquim Grau, Manager at Alfa Consulting The world of health is rapidly changing, adapting to the new habits and roles of patients, professionals and health services. On the one hand, a greater empowerment of patients has been developed in the decision making with regard to their treatments. On the other hand, the consolidation […]

Beyond the Pill – Perspective

In times of technological quantum leaps and increasing patient demands, drugs alone are becoming an insufficient answer against the background of holistic and complex medical approaches. This is resulting in the appearance of services going, ‘beyond the drug’, which provide the opportunity for better health outcomes, competitive advantages and new business models. At this intersection […]