Business Intelligence

Have you ever wondered where the billions of bytes of information generated daily by companies and users are stored and what are they used for? Welcome to the information age. The data handled by companies is critical and confidential. That is why we must know what possibilities we have, and which one best suit our […]

Next Normal (I): Priorities to build competitive advantages

The pandemic we’re going through has impacted business activity in every sector with different effects and recovery expectations. For this reason, companies are managing the crisis in order to evolve towards this new situation. It now seems clear that the so-called “Next Normal” will produce significant and lasting changes, even within the least affected sectors. […]

Digital Execution solutions by Alfa beyond Consulting

Our Digital Execution solutions offer an answer to the challenges generated by the COVID 19 Alfa Beyond Consulting supports organizations to adapt to the contingencies derived as a result of COVID-19 crisis. In that sense, and keeping up with previous posts, we make available to our clients all our capabilities in digital execution. Alfa Beyond […]

Next Generation Process Automation 2nd part

Integrated process automation in the age of digitization (2/2) As we mentioned in our previous article, we present the summary of the results obtained from last year’s “Next Generation Process Automation” study by Horváth & Partners. A total of 180 decision-makers from twelve industries in five countries were interviewed. The experience of the survey participants […]

Next Generation Process Automation

Integrated process automation in the age of digitization (1/2) Automation, robots and artificial intelligence are associated with current and future solutions for process automation in companies. The survey  “Next Generation Process Automation” made by Horváth & Partners examines the different characteristics of software robots for process automation, their current and future significance, the expected savings potential and the challenges in the context […]

How Digital is transforming the relationship between car manufacturers, dealers and customers

Automotive Groups have recently started to engage in large digital transformation programs triggering major internal changes to fill the gap with other “customer-oriented” industries. Almost all Automotive Groups now have digital departments, with generally strong communication within the digital transformation and the customer approach. The customer approach topic is in fact a real challenge for […]

Innovation and digitization in the Healthcare industry

Written by: Joaquim Grau, Manager at Alfa Consulting The world of health is rapidly changing, adapting to the new habits and roles of patients, professionals and health services. On the one hand, a greater empowerment of patients has been developed in the decision making with regard to their treatments. On the other hand, the consolidation […]

4 Utilities Mega Trends for 2050

Our  CWW group’s Young Professional Network (YPN) gathered together and identified the potential issues utility firms will face in the future and came up with ways they can prepare for these future challenges. Such thoughts were compiled into the quick scan “Trend analysis YPN Wake-up call Cordence Utilities Summit 2018” that you can download below. […]

How to build an optimized CX organization

Written by Anna Vilatarsana and José Buch Based on North Highland White Paper “Optimizing your costumer experience-focus: An actionable guide”   It is not new, as the legendary management guru, Peter Drucker once said, “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer”, and even there are multiple strategic priorities, we need to […]

After Sales: A comprehensive approach to customer retention

Written by Jordi Zaragoza After sales programs aim to perpetuate the life cycle of a customer since retaining customers offer much more benefit than trying to attract new ones. Not only is it cheaper to retain customers but also, offers an opportunity for customers to spend more for products or services they are satisfied in, […]