We have rebranded!

A new look that reflects our future plans We are excited to tell you that we have refreshed our branding to better reflect who we are. Over recent years we’ve evolved as a company and we thought it was time our logo did too. We felt that the time had come to update our look to […]

10 key aspects for improving sales efficiency

  The commercial activity of companies is, undoubtedly, one of the keys to win positions in competitive markets. It is therefore essential to ensure its efficiency. At Alfa Consulting we have extensive experience in improving sales efficiency in many sectors. These are the 10 key aspects: 1.Segment the customer portfolio, establishing a sales strategy for each […]

A Summit focused on Digitalization

Alfa Consulting attended on September 1st and 2nd the first Digitalization Summit held by Cordence Worldwide alliance in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, where senior executives and young professionals from all over the world worked on sharing service offerings with regard to Digitalization. During the night of 1 to 2 September, the offices of Cordence partners around […]

Alfa Consulting takes part in a global digital hackathon

On September 1-2 takes place the Cordence Worldwide Digital Summit in Amersfoort (Netherlands), with participation of the 10 consulting member firms, among them Alfa Consulting. The Summit faces the challenge of defining the landscape of digital panorama in consulting. One component of the summit will be a digital hackathon, in which teams of experts from around the world […]

Ensuring effective teamwork in organizations

Teamwork is a common practice used by organizations, since it generates synergies and provides results that go beyond the capabilities of the team components. However, to ensure effectiveness, there are some critical aspects to take into account: Is it really necessary? Before creating a teamwork, make sure that you need to do so, because it […]

Successful negotiation

  Successful negotiation requires preparation  and hard work. This is a short guide with some recommendations regarding the negotiation process: Be prepared. Knowing in advance the strengths and weaknesses and clearly defining the objectives. Do not negotiate if it is not necessary. Establish the conditions at the beginning, because it provides a good position. Listen actively instead […]

Company Meeting 2016

From 2nd to 4th of June, the Alfa Company Meeting took place in Pals (Girona, Spain) with our teams from Spain, Brazil and Mexico. This year the main topic of the event was the celebration of Alfa’s 20th anniversary, looking back to our history, but also looking ahead to the future. All team members were […]

Key factors to motivate the members of your team

  Motivating your team can allow your organization to perform better and lead to increased productivity. These are the key factors to consider : Agree on the main objectives and responsibilities with all members of the team, to track improvements together. Recognize the contributions of each member, their achievements and successes. React to mistakes with constructive criticism, to prevent […]

Key success factors for project management

The management of projects is changing as the needs of organizations change. Two factors explain the evolution: Speed: organizations need to bring changes to the market faster and the approach to project management changes to support this speed. The digital enterprise revolution is forcing traditional organizations in all sectors to shorten their cycles of development […]